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So, as you can see, there's a preview video of Weeping Willow above. Still a work in progress. I have a few pet projects going on the side. There's the island, and a floating island as well. Now that I'm graduating, I should have some more free time to work on my own projects.


New illustration up in the Art section, and another screenshot of my Weeping Willow. I'm going to make a separate section for gaming environments on this site, with thumbnails displaying a preview of each environment. Within each environment page, a video containing a walkthough of the environment will be at the top, as well as screenshots and concept art. In the meantime, keep checking my blog for works in progress.


I added a blog! I feel high and mighty! So, the first post is about M.I.A, a first person atmospheric exploration game that I'm currently working on. I'll be updating it regularly, so keep an eye out.


Another update on the same day, after the one below. This site is now a .com domain,

* * * * * * *

Re-uploaded the Farmhouse image in 3d art, since I noticed that it was too dark to see on some devices. While this site is still in it's early days, here's what you can expect in the future:

  • A blog on random thoughts (not just strictly art/gaming)

  • A .com domain

  • Object art/sculpture in the Misc. section

  • Social media profiles

  • Better web design (right now, this site is more focused on art than web design)

  • And, of course, art, art, and more art!


Welcome to the opening of Feline Asylum, showcasing the creative works of Sydney-based artist, Sarah Louise. Website is still under construction though, but enjoy the content that I have so far. More updates coming soon.

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