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About Sarah Louise

Christmas Day, 1990, five year old Sarah woke up to a particularly large box under the tree, amongst the Lego sets, Baby Sitter's Club books, and dinosaur action toys. Inside that box was what what every 80s/early 90s kid dreamed of: A Sega Master System II, with Alex the Kid in Miracle World...

I'm Sarah Louise, Sydney based game artist and illustrator. I specialise in 3D modelling (mainly environmental art), texturing, and concept art. I've always viewed videos games as a means of creative expression. From the age of six, I would draw GUI mock-ups for some sort of platform game that I made up. From the age of thirteen, I would create little Choose Your Own Adventure games in Power Point, by linking slides.

Aside from my art, I work as a mechanic in a popular Inner City workshop. Other interests include cats, powerlifting, boxing, landscaping, gardening, interior design, books (mostly Gothic fiction)...



2016 - Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)

- Advanced Diploma in Game Art and Animation

2012 - Sydney University, Sydney College of the Arts (SCA)

- Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts (Film and Digital Art)

2009 - Sydney University, Center for Continuing Education

- Further education course on Art History and Theory

2003 - Ultimo TAFE

- Certificate I Off Site Sign Writing (airbrushing)

Tools of the Trade

3D Modelling - Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Sculptris, Make Human.

Texturing - Photoshop, Mudbox, Quixel, 3D Coat.

Game Engines - Unreal Engine, Unity.

Digital Illustration - Photoshop, Illustrator, Paintshop Pro.

Traditional Media - Lead pencils, mechanical pencils, felt-tip pens, gel pens, markers, colour pencils, crayon, ink, water colours, gouache, oil paint, acrylic paint.

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