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When Even My Virtual World Comes Crashing Down

I don't even have a screenshot to show, so here's a stock photo from Wix.

Well, hasn't 2016 just been one problem after the other?! We lost beloved musicians, natural disasters, mass shootings, and I don't even want to go into politics. No, not touching it with a fifty foot pole. It's not being willfully ignorant, it's just being fed up with hearing the same angry shit over and over and over again! It's doing my head in. No. I declare Feline Asylum a politics free zone!

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous entry, I'm working on a tropical island gaming environment at the moment. Just something to let my artistic freedom fly, and creating a virtual Happy Place to escape to, until another drunken idiot comes walking by my house and tries to kick my front fence over again. So, I opened up the project, and Unity crashed. I opened up the project again, and all of my work had been wiped out!

I had a backup though! I know that shit happens (oh, how I know very very well that shit happens!). Yes always ALWAYS back up your work, right?! So, I opened up the backup, and that was wiped out as well. Even older increments of the project, all deleted and just an empty scene. I Googled solutions to the problem, and it turns out that the only thing that I can do is start again.

I uninstalled Unity, and installed the latest version, which so far seems to be a bit more stable. I don't like using Unreal. I am never able to export my project into an exe file successfully with Unreal. I've been using Unreal all year anyway, so I want to learn the ins and outs of Unity now.

Ohs wells, what can you do? Just keep on keeping on. I quickly knocked up another grey box. I'm focusing a jungle gym on the island at the moment. Yes, literally a gym in the jungle, with wights made out of tree branches and trunks. I'll build all of the assets first, then import them into Unity in one go. I've modeled a barbel, a dumbel, and a punching bag made from tyres. I have to model the fencing, some more equipment, and trees, and plants, and rocks, and shit (no, not literally) to decorate the area. I haven't started texturing the equipment yet. I still haven't finished texturing the palm tree. I'm aiming to get the jungle gym scene done by Saturday, so I have a lot of work to do. But, after working on M.I.A, I've learned to pump out assets really fast. So... yeah... lunch time!

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