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Gold Release Near!

No, I don't need to go! So, crunch time is on for the gold release date for M.I.A! Next Tuesday, November first! There's not an insane amount of work to do though. Just updating the documentation, and a few more models to go. I would have liked to have added a lot more assets into the environment, but you can only do so much in a certain amount of time.

I've been rushing to get the last of the assets done during the past couple of days. I modeled a folding chair (above), as well as a folding table for one of the more, well, "ghetto" apartments in the complex. It's quite a contrast of personalities living inside of the complex. The player has to walk through this apartment room with cheap furniture and a "pot" plant, in order to get to a makeshift chapel upstairs, with leather couches, and a Bible. I can almost imagine what it would be like living there (even though I've never lived in an apartment), with a group of Hippies sitting around downstairs getting stoned, saying "No worries! It's all good! Eh heheheh!", and an angry Minister upstairs yelling "THIS WAR IS YOUR FAULT, BECAUSE YOU ALL WONT STOP TOUCHING YOURSELVES!", or something like that. I've modeled a bottle of Valium, so maybe I should quickly knock up some more medication bottles, and maybe alcohol bottles to fill some of the other rooms.

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